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[PHOTOS] Sahara Sandstorm Covers Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik today (R) and in its usual glory (L)

Dubrovnik today (R) and in its usual glory (L)

Usually picturesque under bright sunshine, the famous southern Croatian tourist spot of Dubrovnik was impossible to make out today, as sand and dust-laden winds, originating in the Sahara desert in North Africa, created an orange fog over the city…

“In my sixty years of living in Dubrovnik I have never experienced anything like this before,” explained a local resident to The Dubrovnik Times. “Let’s just hope that it doesn’t start to rain as the whole city will be covered in sand,” he added.

Dubrovnik under the sand storm (photo: The Dubrovnik Times)

Dubrovnik under the sandstorm (photo: The Dubrovnik Times)

Locals and the few tourists currently in the city woke to find the city under an eerie golden with the wind which picked up during the morning making things worse.

(photo: The Dubrovnik Times)

(photo: The Dubrovnik Times)

Check out more photos in the original article on The Dubrovnik Times here.

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