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PHOTOS: ‘Okolo’ brings artistic stories to Zagreb streets

Art stores around Zagreb

ZAGREB, 28 August 2019 – This week, the second edition of the art project “Okolo” brings new artistic stories to the streets of Zagreb, including ceramic miniatures by Maša Barišić, an anti-stress poster by Pavao Kuharić, a silk sculpture by Ida Blažičko, a large mural by Boris Bare, the green, interactive intervention ‘Botanika’ and a light landscape installation by Javier Riera. 

In cooperation with the Zagreb Tourist Board, “Okolo” will continue to freshen up the centre of Zagreb with interesting artistic installations until 1 September.  


This week’s stroll in the search of new urban interventions start on Tomic Street, where your eyes will be entwined in the silk sculpture “Blossoms” by Ida Blažičko. Then, on the stairs leading to the funicular, relieve stress thanks to the “Pop It” installation by Pavao Kuharić, and then visit “Neighbours” by Maša Barišić in Vitezović Street in Gornji grad.

“Pop It”  by Pavao Kuharić

If you walk a little outside the city centre – on the playground above Dubravkin put you will find a mural by Boris Bare, which birds will have the best of, while the Botanika will make the Central Railway Station greener and encourage you to get active.

Mural by Boris Bare

Spend Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights in the company of Spanish master of landscape light installations Javier Riera, who will in one particular way illuminate the canopies at Ribnjak park. 

Street miniature by Michael Pederson

Street miniature by Michael Pederson

From 17 August, when the second edition of “Okolo” started, Zagreb’s streets have been enriched by unique installations like “Sleeping Giant” by French street artists Ella & Pitr and a number of fun street miniatures by Michael Pederson. 

“Sleeping Giant” by  Ella & Pitr

Street miniature by Michael Pederson

Book houses

“When you encounter some witty miniature, an interactive installation or a large mural, it will definitely brighten your day and make your day to day life different. It is this spontaneous street encounter between art and passers-by, that moment of surprise that comes at that moment, and some more beautiful images of the city that you stay with you, that we wanted to achieve with this project,” said Nas dve.

Book of love complaints

by Javier Riera


You can follow all the new installations daily on the Facebook and Instagram pages. 


The event is organised by Nas dve (Ana Mikin, Tina Kovačiček), supported by Zagreb Tourist Board. Other project partners are: The French Institute, Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain to the Republic of Croatia Air France, Urbanka-powered by Erste Bank, Floraart, JUB and Tošo Dabac Archive/Museum of Contemporary Art/City of Zagreb. 

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