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[PHOTOS] Land Art Trail Opens in Učka Nature Park

The first land art trail in Croatia has now opened in Učka Nature Park, two years after the initial idea…

There are 20 land art works along the 6.5 km Sapaćica Land Art Trail on Ćićarija mountain in Učka Nature Park. The circular trail is a combination of artistic interventions in the form of land art and the natural beauty of Ćićarija mountain.

The trail is not too demanding and is suitable for families with children, and the elderly looking for a pleasant stroll through nature. The idea behind the trail was to raise awareness of the importance of the connection between man and nature.

Some of the land art features on the trail include the ‘love stone’, which is a rock in the shape of a heart comprised of two stones which lean on each other, symbolising love, partnership and mutual support.

On the trail there is also a stone circle with footprints in the limestone slab which invites you to take off your shoes and stand inside to experience calm and serenity.


The author of the project is artist Boris Pecigoš. Pecigoš, who lives in Rijeka, is a graduate of painting at Arthouse – College of Visual Arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia and is a member of HDLU Zagreb (Croatian Association of Visual Artists Zagreb). He is the founder of and head of Atelier Hayat.

More information about the trail, including descriptions and meaning of each of the 20 land art installations, directions and maps, can be found here.


(photos: Boris Pecigoš)

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