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[PHOTOS] GammaChef – The Innovative Croatian Robot-Chef

Robot-Chef (photo: GammaChef)

Gammachef, an innovative Croatian project set to revolutionise cooking, was presented on Monday.

GammaChef is robotic chef that is capable of preparing any one pot meal, and on Monday it joined forces with leading Croatian food brand Podravka.

GammaChef automatically prepares one-pot meals, adding food and ingredients from cartridges, according to a preset digital recipe.

It is a household appliance that will bring 21st century technology into kitchens. Based on any recipe GammaChef will prepare a fresh, home made and tasty meal at any desired time.

Use can use your mobile app to start preparing a meal while you are still at work or out having a drink. Anything from risottos to pastas to stews.

“You can choose from one of the hundreds of predefined tasty recipes, download new ones from the internet or taste a delicious meal from world-class chefs”, GammaChef says.

Founders and creators of GammaChef, Dražen Drnas and Đulijano Nola, were inspired by their passion for food and technology.

This week GammaChef went head to head with top chef Mišel Tokić as they both cooked a risotto at the time to demonstrate the robot’s capabilities.

Podravka, who have invested in GammaChef, see the future of preparing and eating food as a global challenge, and believe the robot-chef offers innovation.

“Investing in Gammachef is Podravka’s first investment in a start-up, with an ambition to continue investing in similar prospective projects, aware of potential risks, considering the unpredictability and uncertainty which are always present on open market. Gammachef is a company that has offered innovation and disruption in preparing food, which is in our focus and we firmly believe that the market will recognize this as well”, Zvonimir Mršić, Podravka Management Board president said.

Chef and the robot-chef go head to head

“If you are passionate in cooking and sharing recipes, you will like the fact that GammaChef is not a closed machine. Our mission is to help you prepare a meal according to your favourite recipe, but this time using GammaChef. Once the recipe is digitalised, you can share it with your friends, who can later prepare a meal according to that same recipe”, Đulijano Nolo, founder of GammaChef said.

Nolo says they hope to collaborate with further technology partners, such as kitchen appliances manufacturers, to support further development and commercialisation of GammaChef.

(photo credits: GammaChef/Podravka)

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