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[PHOTOS] First Underwater Winery Opens in Croatia

Croatia’s first underwater winery, where wines are kept in amphorae under the sea, has opened on the Pelješac peninsula.

Visitors to the Edivo winery, which is located in Drače, will have an opportunity to be introduced to this unique Croatian product. The winery extends over 1000 m2 on land and under the sea, and includes 14,000 plantations distributed on all sides of the Pelješac peninsula.

“Guests now have the opportunity to see firsthand the whole process of wine amphorae in a space that exudes traditional details characteristic of the peninsula, but also the mystique of wine in amphorae,” say the owners of the winery, Ivo and Anto Šegovićand Edi Bajurin, reports Poslovni.hr.

In addition to wine from amphorae, there are also wine bottles that are ‘aged’ in the sea, and those interested in joining experienced divers can dive down into the hidden underwater world and the winery, and also see the old sunken boat which is located at the bottom of the Mali Ston Bay.

The sunken boat is used as an underwater cellar and keeps the amphorae for 700 days at the ideal temperature of 15 to 17 degrees.

“We believe that this mysterious sea wine, with Mali Ston oysters, famous cheeses of different flavors and pršut, will help add Croatia and Pelješac cement its place on the map of unavoidable gastronomic destinations”, say the owners.

Learn more about the winery here.

(photos: Edvio Winery)

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