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PHOTOS: First medomat in Virovitica

Medomat (Photo credit: Kristijan Toplak/www.vpz.hr)

VIROVITICA, 9 April 2020 – A honey producer from the Croatian city of Virovitica has come up with an idea of how to help people boost their immunity in times of social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Honey producers Jakupec, whose honey won the Golden Spoon (Zlatna žlica) at the Agroexpo awards organized by Virovitičko-Podravska County, launched the very first ‘medomat’ (honey dispenser) in the eastern region of Slavonia. 

The medomat is located at 31 Stjepan Radić street and your 40 kuna will enable you to take home a jar of local honey. You can pick between acacia, flower and linden varieties.

(Photo credit: Kristijan Toplak/www.vpz.hr)

The principle is simple – leave the money and take the honey. The owners who live nearby also left their phone number so in case you have any questions you can call and chat.

(Photo credit: Kristijan Toplak/www.vpz.hr)

Pčelarski obrt Jakupec also has an apikomora (honey chamber) that helps with the treatment of respiratory issues and helps with asthma and allergies.

The apikomora at Jakupec (Photo credit: Kristijan Toplak/www.vpz.hr)

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