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[PHOTOS] Cameras Installed as Dubrovnik Sets Daily Tourist Limit

Crowd control in Dubrovnik (photo credit: Joseph Kukets)

After an earlier recommendation from UNESCO that the Old Town of Dubrovnik should not have more than 8,000 people in it at any one time, Dubrovnik made concrete steps on Thursday to enforce daily tourist limits.

People counter surveillance cameras were installed at all five entrances of the historical Dubrovnik centre.

The cameras will be used for both surveillance and to count the number of visitors entering the city and a part of a million kuna project titled ‘Forget the crowds, respect the rules and information’ presented by Mayor Andro Vlahušić today.

The Dubrovnik Times reports that a total of 116 surveillance cameras will be placed around the city at 37 locations, including at major traffic junctions and places with high pedestrian traffic.

Counter surveillance cameras being installed in Dubrovnik (photo credit: The Dubrovnik Times)

“It is estimated that more than 8,000 people in the Old City is too dangerous, and when that number of visitors is reached we will take measures to divert traffic. Up to 6,000 people there will be free access to the Old City, from 6,000 to 8,000 controls to slow down crowds will be put in place, and from 8,000 people there will be a ban on organised tours entering, and I stress ‘organised “, Vlahušić said.

Tourists who register their arrival at least a day in advance, or those who have purchased the Dubrovnik City Card, would have access to the Old City. But those visitors who arrived unannounced would be turned away until the number of guests falls below 8,000.

Limit to be set at 8,000 per day (photo credit: The Dubrovnik Times)

For the first time in its history Dubrovnik had over 1 million visitors in 2016.

According to data from the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, from 1 January to 31 December there were 1,013.030 tourist arrivals, which was 12% more than in 2015.

Dubrovnik (photo credit; Twang_Dunga under Creative Commons license)

Another record was also set when 10,000 people purchased tickets to Dubrovnik’s City Walls in one day. A jammed-packed Stradun, and other parts of the historic Old Town, led the city to come up with the new strategy to control the crowds.

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