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PHOTOS: 10 reasons to visit the island of Brač this summer 

At the end of May, Business Insider ranked the island of Brač among the most beautiful islands in the world. Brač is an island of stone, top-quality olive oil, attractive beaches, beautiful nature, and a relaxed lifestyle. 

Supetar, the first place you arrive in if you take a ferry from Split, is also worth exploring. Ten reasons why Supetar and the island of Brač should be on your list this summer.  

1.   #SupetarMaloMisto

Supetra (Photo: TZG Supetar)

Supetar is the largest settlement on Brač, it has the heart of a city, but the soul of a small town. Everyone knows everyone, the terraces of cafes are the open-air living areas, and drinking coffee is a favourite ritual. The island’s lifestyle is contagious, and guests get used to the Dalmatian fjaka very quickly.

2.   #UnlockExperience  

Pier in Supetar port (Photo: TZG Supetar)

Take a walk through Supetar and its surroundings on one of the three themed trails. If you are looking for peace, you will choose the one from the waterfront in Splitska Voda to the abandoned quarry Rasoha, one of the three Brač imperial quarries where stone was extracted for the construction of Diocletian’s Palace. After that, in Supetar, sit at the foot of Leroy, the city clock, enjoy the clean island air, and the sea view.

3.   #WheretoStay

Villa at Hotel Osam

Supetar offers an excellent choice of hotel and private accommodation that will be enjoyed by families with children, but also by couples to whom we recommend Hotel Osam, adults-only with an exotic combination of American-Brač cuisine. A real surprise for every gourmet. If you like intimacy and solitude, you will choose one of the rural villas with a swimming pool in the ambient Mirci, Škrip, and Splitska or one of the two camps near Supetar.

4.   #IslandofBeautifulBeaches

Zlatni rat (Bluesun hoteli d.d.)

Sand or pebbles, fun or quiet coves, Brač has it all. The first public swimming pool on Brač, the Supetar Spa, was built in 1909 according to the designs of the famous Supetar man, the sculptor Ivan Rendić. Zlatni rat, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, is also located in Bol on Brač. Explore also Lovrečina, Osibova, Farska …

Osibova (Photo: TZO MIlna)

Zora, Sumartin, (Photo: TZO Selca)

5.   #TuscanyofBrač

Museum of the Island of Brač by CZK Brač

It is called the Tuscany of Brač because of the large number of rural villas with swimming pools. Škrip is the oldest island town with as many as two museums – the Museum of the Island of Brač and the Museum of Oil. Maybe you didn’t know that with a million olive trees, Brač is Croatia’s largest olive growing area. 

Museum of Oil (Photo: Sanja Grgić Čurić)

6.   #BračCuisine 

(Photo: TZG Supetar)

Procip – young sheep cheese with caramel, Brač vitalac made of lamb or goat entrails, butalac – stuffed lamb leg, hrapoćuša – delicious walnut cake, hmutica – Brač mixture of wine and milk…, are dishes that you will find only on this island. Of course you will also enjoy fresh fish, seafood, seasonal salads, sweet delicacies, excellent olive oil, top-quality plavac and pošip wines… But you must know that lamb is the queen of gastronomy on this island and you should definitely try it.

(Photo: TZG Supetar)

7.   #BlacaHermitage and #Dragon’sCave

Blaca Hermitage by CZK Brač

Built between Murvica and Bol on a steep rock that can still be reached only by Macadam road, the Blaca Hermitage is one of the biggest attractions of the island. From the 16th to the middle of the 20th century, Poljica priests, hermits, lived in it. Near Murvica is the Dragon’s Cave with reliefs of Glagolitic priests who lived there in the 15th century.

8.   #BračStone

Klesarska škola Pučišća, Općina Pučišća

Diocletian’s Palace, the lobby of the United Nations building in New York, parts of the White House – these are just some of the world-famous buildings built of high-quality Brač stone, and the elite stonemasonry school in Pučišća has been teaching the secrets of this craft for more than 110 years.

9.   #TheView

View of Zlatni Rat beach from Vidova Gora (Photo: TZG Supetar)

Hikers do not miss it, and those for whom fitness is not a strong point can reach it by car. From the 778 metre high peak of Vidova Gora, Sveti Vid, there is a view all the way to Italy. Priceless. 


Via Brattia – Sv. Martin, (Photo: TZO Milna)

As much as 135 kilometers, the biggest attractions of Brač, the connection of almost the entire island, hidden coves – Via Brattia is a new trump card of Brač tourism. You can join this hiking-tourist trail in any island town, it circles almost the entire coast of the island and Brač is a version for lungomare. An ideal choice in late summer and early autumn, for recreational and adventurers an experience to remember.

Via Brattia (Photo credit: Andrija Carli)

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