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[PHOTO] €5 Million Makeover to Modernise Zagreb Zoo

ZooZagreb Zoo is set for a 5 million euro makeover, with 95% of the project being funded by EU funds…

The 7-hectare zoo located within Maksimir Park in the capital first opened its doors in 1925, and the latest 38 million kuna (5 million euros) investment to modernise the zoo is aimed at trying to attract more visitors.

“We started preparing this back in 2004 hoping that Croatia would soon become part of the EU so we could apply for funding. When it finally happened we applied with the aim of attracting more visitors and we got the money,” Zagreb Zoo Director Davorka Maljković said, adding that 95% of the project will be financed by the EU, with Zagreb City covering the remainder.

Zoo1The new modern-looking zoo is set to be finished by autumn 2016, and staff confirmed that whilst renovations are taking place the zoo will remain open to the public. The zoo is home to over 2,225 animals representing over 275 species, including snow leopard, red panda Okapi, Addax, Scimitar Oryx, North China leopard, Common Chimpanzee, Diana Monkey, Wisent, Pygmy Hippopotamus, and Bactrian Camel. (pic: Zagreb Zoo)

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