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Phoenix Named Best Small Croatian Exporter of the Year

Phoenix firm in Orahovica (photo credit: Phoenix)

Phoenix firm in Orahovica (photo credit: Phoenix)

Croatian spring manufacturing firm Phoenix, from the small Slavonian town of Orahovica, have beaten over 20,000 other companies to be named the best small business exporter in Croatia…

Phoenix have been engaged in manufacturing and supplying excellent quality spring coiling machines and springs for over 2 decades. Phoenix has been operating for 26 years under the ownership of three brothers – Dalibor, Dražen and Goran Fofonjka, who took over the spring business started by their father and his brothers in 1969.

In 1976, Juraj Fofonjka, the boys father, founded a technical spring manufacturing firm in Austria called Fortuna Federn which has developed into a strong brand over the last 40 years. That company today acts as a mother company to Phoenix and most of the companies international orders are obtained through them.

Today the company has 70 employees, most whom are from the town of Orahovica itself, and they are struggling to keep up with orders. Phoenix sells machines to America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe and say that their production capacity is full for the next 6 months.

“In terms of plans for the future, we must strengthen and modernise our equipment. We have to react fast because fixed orders are growing. We must increase our capacity and cut down completion times for orders if we do not want our customers to buy from the competition,” Dalibor Fofonjka told Glas Slavonija.

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