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Pharma Valley Opens in Rijeka

jglTwo years since starting one of Croatia’s largest investment projects, Rijeka pharmaceutical company JGL have opened their new Pharma Valley complex on Friday…

Prime Minister Zoran Milanović attended the opening of the 361 million HRK Pharma Valley complex, which is the largest investment in the 24 year history of JGL, and is currently one of the largest investments in Croatia. The new, larger complex will help the company develop its capacities, production and storage and help propel it to become a force in the global market.

The Pharma Valley project comprises two locations – the existing location Svilno 1 with production facilities, packaging storage facility and supporting facilities, and the new location Svilno 2 with the total area of 76,750 m². The total net developed area of closed facilities covers 20,552 m², of which 7,304 m² is intended for an automatized storage facility for packaging, semi-finished products and finished products, 5,100 m² for a production hall, 4,900 m² for offices and 3,330 m2 for supporting facilities (water reservoir, power plant, space for media preparation, HVAC system…).

Along with the increase of capacities in the existing technologies, Pharma Valley has introduced the so-called BoV (Bag-on-Valve), the newest technology in aerosol production, which is increasingly used globally in systems of medical devices applied as sprays.

Pharma Valley will help JGL become stronger on the global market

Pharma Valley will help JGL become stronger on the global market

“These capacities ensure our growth during the next ten years at least. If needed, modular expansion will be possible at the same location, which ensures the preconditions for fast adaptation to market and customer demands in the long-term perspective as well. Our long-term vision is to become the global leader in the segment of nasal decongestants and ophthalmics, which requires from us exceptional technological and therapeutic focus. We believe that our new investment project Pharma Valley will contribute to that goal,” a spokesperson for JGL said.

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