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Passenger Traffic at Croatia’s Airports Up Nearly 6% – Germans Top

Zagreb_Airport_20090711_0288There were less landings and take-offs at airports in Croatia in October, compared to the same month in 2013, but total traffic of passengers had increased…

There were 7,817 less landings and take-offs at airports in the country in October, down 0.5% from October 2013 when there were 7,853, according to data from the Croatian Bureau of Statistics. Total traffic of passengers in airports in October 2014 had increased 5.9% to 539,00 compared with October 2013. Both national and international traffic increased.

The increase in the traffic of passengers in October 2014, as compared to October 2013, was recorded at all airports in Croatia, except for the airports in Pula and Rijeka. Split Airport recorded the largest increase (12,1%), followed by Zagreb Airport (8.7%), Dubrovnik (3.0%), and Zadar Airport (1.3%). The total traffic of freight in airports was also up (4.9%) in October to 667 tonnes.

1. Germany – 138,067
2. UK – 76,175
3. France – 31,725
4. Austria – 26,065
5. Turkey – 19,000
6. Switzerland – 14,936
7. Sweden – 14,844
8. Holland – 14,447
9. Norway – 13,859
10. Belgium – 12,466

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