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Part of Croatia’s famous heart-shaped island for sale for €10 million 

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Galešnjak (Photo credit: Boris Kačan)

The unique heart-shaped Croatian island of Galešnjak, nicknamed Lover’s island, is located in the Pašman channel between the islands of Pašman and the town of Turanj on the mainland and now part of it is up for sale.

On Monday, the sale of 30,000 square meters of land on the 142,000 square meter island of Galešnjak was advertised for sale for 10 million euros, or 300 euros per square meter.

– That’s right, three hectares of the island have been advertised for sale. Interest is relatively high for now, and the most serious interest has been shown by some investment funds – Silvestro Kardum, the seller’s representative told Zadarski.hr.

– I don’t have a real estate agency, I am just helping the owners with the sale. It is about four connected plots of several owners with a total area of about 32-33 thousand square meters. There are maquis trees on that land, and there used to be olive trees. All ownership papers are in order and the owners are registered. The owners are from Mrljan on the island of Pašman. The owners of the rest of the island were not interested in selling – Kardum said, adding that he believes that he will succeed in selling part of the popular Croatian island.

– Under the current law, it is possible to build a villa or a restaurant with an area of 400 square meters and another 1000 square meters of basement space on such an area with OPG for growing olives or vines. Therefore, the investment can certainly pay off – he emphasises.

On the advertisement, it is stated that the plots for sale are located about 500 meters from the coast.

“You can do something really unique with this property, especially when you have constantly parked guests with yachts like Beyonce and Jay Z (Beyonce even celebrated her birthday there once), Jeff Bezos, Michael Jordan, etc. because after all, who wouldn’t come to visit the only sea island naturally shaped in the shape of a heart in the world,” the advert says, adding that one of the suggestions for potential buyers is opening an OPG (agriculture business).

Part of Croatia’s heart-shaped island for sale for €10 million

(Screenshot Index Oglasi)

“An agricultural farm that can be worked on an area of three hectares. In addition, 400 square meters of above-ground buildings and 1,000 square meters of underground buildings can be built. What is an excellent opportunity for agricultural elite tourism with a villa and/or restaurant and a large warehouse for olives, wine and other herbs…”

The island of Galešnjak in the Pašman channel is one of the most recognisable Croatian islets, and has been included on many ‘best of’. lists. In 2019, scientists from the Department of Archeology of the University of Zadar discovered that people lived there more than 7,000 years ago,” reads the ad, which has become a hit on social networks.

You can see the advert here 

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