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Over 6,000 tourists set to welcome in 2019 in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik (TZ Dubrovnik)

DUBROVNIK, 31 December 2018 – The popular Croatian city of Dubrovnik has again attracted a large number of tourists for New Years Eve celebrations.

The Dubrovnik Tourist Board expect over 6,000 tourists to welcome in 2019 in the southern Dalmatian city. 

Most of the visitors are once again expected to come from various parts of Croatia, as well as neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia. Tourists from Austria, the United Kingdom and Germany have also converged on Dubrovnik. 

Leading Croatian performers Nina Badrić and Toni Cetinski will provide the entertainment tonight in Dubrovnik as thousands are set to party on Stradun. 

Nina Badrić

Tomorrow, on the first day of the New Year, visitors will be able to enjoy in oysters and sparkling wine as they take in the sounds of the most famous opera arias of the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra at noon on Stradun. 

Later that night, again on Stradun, one of the most popular Croatian klapa groups, Klapa Rišpet will perform. 

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