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Over 300,000 Accounts Blocked Due to Debt from Bills

croatian kuna petr kratochvilHigh unemployment, low wages and rising utilities in Croatia is seeing more and more Croatians unable to pay their monthly bills…

In March there were 307.000 bank accounts in Croatia blocked because of outstanding utility bills. From the 307,000, there were 166 accounts blocked due to an outstanding debt of just 10 kuna (1.30 EUR), 377 accounts blocked because of debts of under 50 kuna (6 EUR), and 1,944 with debts between 50 and 100 kuna (6-12 EUR).

Those in the capital Zagreb owe the most, with more than 50 million EUR owed in water and utility bills. Most of the other regions owe between 1-2 million EUR. Minister of Finance Slavko Linić has indicated that there could be write off’s for those with debts, but a concrete decision will be made by the end of next month.

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