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Over 100,000 people enter Croatia on Thursday

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ZAGREB, 11 JUNE 2020 – A total of 104,782 people have entered Croatia in the last 24 hours up until 1 p.m. on Thursday, the Ministry of Interior Affairs said today. 

Thursday was a public holiday in Croatia and signalled the start of an extended weekend for many.  

Out of the total number, 55,319 were Croatian citizens whilst 49,463 were foreign nationals. This is 30% more than the previous day when 80,808 people entered the country, of which 36,650 were foreign nationals. 

The most foreign arrivals are from Slovenia, followed by Austria and Germany. 

Citizens from Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, Germany and Slovakia do not have to prove the reason for their entry into the Republic of Croatia but are being asked along with all other nationals to use the Enter Croatia system to register their arrival in advance to help with speeding up processing times at the borders. 

So far, 235,035 people have been registered in the Enter Croatia system. These people, after meeting all requirements, have either entered or will enter Croatia, the Ministry said. 

“We remind all drivers who entered the Republic of Croatia to drive responsibly and comply with traffic regulations and to monitor road information and road conditions via the mobile application of the Croatian Automobile Club. Let us remain responsible guests and responsible hosts,” the Ministry concluded. 

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