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Original GoT Iron Throne to Become Dubrovnik Tourist Attraction

Game-of-Thrones-More and more tourists are visiting the Croatian city of Dubrovnik just to see the attractive locations where popular HBO series Game of Thrones is filmed…

GoT tours have started in the city, and there has been an increase in GoT memorabilia offered in shops in town. However, one common question asked by GoT fanatics visiting Dubrovnik is why is there no replica of the Iron Throne anywhere.

“Where is the Iron Throne, everyone expects that at least there would be a replica that they can take a photo with somewhere in town,” GoT tour guide Tonka Matana told RTL Direkt.

Dubrovnik Mayor Andro Vlahušić says that there is no need for a replica, which has previously spent some time in the city, because they have just purchased the original.

“This summer at the start of June the original GoT Iron Throne will be situated here, and it will stay permanently. We purchased it for not much money, HBO practically gave it to us,” Vlahušić told RTL Direkt, adding that a museum dedicated to the series and its characters was planned for Dubrovnik’s famous Stradun.


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