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Only 24% Behind Croatian Government

milanovicOnly 24% of Croatians support the current government, according to recent polls by research agency Ipsos Puls..

74% of those surveyed believe that Croatia is heading in the wrong direction, whilst just 18% think that the country is on the right path. 8% of those questioned are unsure. What was clear from the latest Crobarometer was that the general public is not happy with Zoran Milanović’s government exactly half way through their four-year term. 69% have no confidence in the ruling party, with 7% having no opinion whatsoever.

On a personal level, Prime Minister Milanović’s rating has fallen in the last few months as support waivers. Only a third of those questioned have a positive opinion about the PM, with two-thirds expressing negative opinions. The leading opposition party in Croatia is not fearing much better however, with their boss Tomislav Karamarko attracting only 16% support and with it becoming the most unpopular politician in the country. Current President Ivo Josipović is by far the most popular politician in Croatia, with 74% support.

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