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Online grocery delivery services in Croatia

By Kaja Korbar Olcott

With COVID-19 limiting movement in the country, grocery stores are some of the few places still open, making in-store shoppers more susceptible to exposure to the virus. Luckily, Croatia has been showing promising numbers in recent days, indicating that the government’s measures are proving effective.

In order to continue on this positive trend to help you maintain social distancing practices, Croatia Week has put together a list of online resources available to attain groceries and household goods via delivery. Many of the websites on our list support domestic producers, so you can feel good about shopping locally and supporting our economy. 

Tvornica Zdrave Hrane

Translating to the Health Food Factory, this retailer provides a range of health food and organic products that are difficult to come by in regular grocery stores.  Products such as coconut oil, alternative flours, international cuisine staples, nuts, seeds, spices, and more are made available at relatively reasonable prices. Plus, their website is available in English and home delivery is available throughout Croatia. 

Link: https://www.tvornicazdravehrane.com/en/


With a focus on certified domestic providers, Greencajg promotes healthy, eco-conscious products devoid of pesticides, GMOs, and artificial fertilizers. Delivery is available throughout Croatia. 

Link: https://www.greencajg.hr/


This national grocery chain has led the path among its competitors in offering customers a range of options to reduce exposure. In addition to home delivery, Konzum offers a drive-in service at their Zagrebacka avenija 7 location in Zagreb where staff will place your order directly into the trunk of your car. Alternatively, you can select the option to pick up your order at a number of locations throughout the country. For this option, you will have to enter the store to collect your goods and pay for your items at the register, however, it will still reduce the amount of time you’ll spend in-store. 

Link: https://www.konzum.hr/


Farmeraj is a wholesale produce market that also offers delivery of various fruits and vegetables at retail prices for individuals located in Zagreb. The company sources its products from around the globe as well from domestic Croatian farms. The country of origin is listed for each item. 

Link: https://www.farmeraj.hr/


This produce distributor is one of the more popular and better-known online services. Voćarna.hr also offers products wholesale as well as for retail customers based in Zagreb. The company collaborates with domestic producers and fulfills excess demand with providers from throughout the EU.

Link: https://vocarna.hr/

Kupuj Domaće

The name says it all, translating to buy domestic. Their mantra is “think global — buy local.” This site acts as a marketplace connecting local sellers directly with buyers. Products come predominantly from Croatia’s Makarska Riviera including fruits, vegetables, honey, olive oil, meat as well as homemade jams, wines, liqueurs and more.

Link: https://kupujdomace.hr/

Zdravi Pinklec

According to the company website, the idea for Zdravi Pinklec was created with the notion that everyone can consume fresh food, regardless of whether they work all day long, or simply don’t know someone who has a “grandmother in Zagorje, an aunt in Slavonia or a neighbor from Lika.” The webstore offers seasonal produce ranging from fresh produce to beans, jams, teas, honeys, and more. Delivery is available throughout Croatia.

Link: https://zdravipinklec.hr/


This popular app connects you with grocery stores, restaurants, and other retailers in your immediate area. Simply place your order through the mobile or web app and Wolt’s delivery drivers will get you your package typically in under an hour. 

Link: https://wolt.com/en


Like Wolt, Glovo is an application that offers delivery from nearby restaurants, grocery stores, and other retailers. Additionally, you have the option to select “Anything,” and Glovo delivery drivers will head to any location within your area to pick up/deliver any item(s), as long as it will fit on a driver’s bike or motorcycle. 

Link: https://glovoapp.com/en/


This website is another option for those looking to support local and domestic producers. Their product range includes fresh fruit, vegetables,  preserves, sweets, spreads, juices, and more. Delivery is available only in the Zagreb area.

Link: https://plac.hr/


Customers in Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Belgium can order domestic Croatian products straight to their door through this webshop. The company’s goal is to operate quite literally as a farm to table service. Products are not stored in a warehouse, but rather come directly from a field or orchard and to your door within 24 hours, regardless of where you are in Croatia.

Link: https://www.finotekadostava.com/


Croatia’s popular online classified advertisement website offers more than used cars and secondhand furniture. In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, Njuškalo is now offering to connect users directly with family farms and agricultural producers for a range of food and beverage products.

Link: https://www.njuskalo.hr/hrana-pice


With a focus on local producers in the Slavonia and Baranja regions, eCeker offers a range of culinary items including wine, meats, cheeses, eggs and more. Delivery is available in Osijek and its surrounding area, as well as Zagreb.

Link: https://eceker.hr/


This Rijeka-based store is specific in that it was created with the goal to offer its customers zero-waste products. In an effort to reduce single-use plastics, products are offered either package-free or on more sustainable options, such as paper or glass. From pantry items to household cleaning supplies, you can order the products you need straight to your door anywhere in Croatia.

Link: https://spajza.hr/ 


Foodin is another online marketplace that connects users with retailers in their area. You can filter by food categories, such as dairy products, bakery items, frozen foods, etc. and see what is available for delivery near you.

Link: https://foodin.io/

Mali plac 

This is a delivery service that the Croatia Week editorial team has been faithful to since long before the epidemic crisis. Mali plac offers produce that is exclusively from local OPGs with eco certificates and hand-picked by the Mali plac team who are long time foodies dedicated to supporting small local farmers and sustainable agricultural practices. Getting the Mali plac newsletter on Sunday is such a joy as it reminds us about the best seasonal food and even offers recipes on how to prepare them. Right now we’re in the middle of asparagus season and patiently waiting for the first artichokes to arrive. Mali plac also offers a rich selection of salads, batats (purple, orange, white), honey, hazelnuts, almonds, seeds, fruit, juices and healthy sweet treats. Mali plac’s delivery and service are impeccable.

Link: http://www.mali-plac.org

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