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One Person Arrested For Booing Prime Minister in Croatia

One man has been arrested in the southern Croatian town of Knin on Tuesday for disturbing the peace, after booing Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic during Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving day formalities on Monday.

PM Milanovic was greeted with booing and jeering when he was introduced to speak to the crowd of 5,000 people who had turned up to official proceedings to mark the historic day on Croatia’s calendar in Knin.

“During the speeches from high-ranking state officials they whistled and yelled and created a racket disturbing the peace. One person has been arrested and will face court action at the Knin court, whilst investigation continues to catch the other culprits,” said a police statement. Monday’s official ceremonies were filmed and police will trawl through footage and have warned more people will face charges in the following days.

Milanovic walked to the podium to cries of  “don’t let him speak”, “You don’t love Croatia”, “Monkey”, and “Manure” as the crowd showed their disapproval at Milanovic’s government’s policies over the last 18 months.

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