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One of Croatia’s Oldest Men Turns 102 – Glass of Wine & Honey Key

WineOne of Croatia’s oldest men has just celebrated his 102th birthday. Paško Vrcić, from Konjevrate near the Dalmatian town of Šibenik, is one of most vital centurions in the country and could easily pass for someone at least two decades younger…

Vrcić says work, moderation and honey are the key to his longevity.

“I never in my life had a second helping. I love to eat soup, and 100g of meat is enough for me. I don’t drink much, I have an ounce of wine and water for lunch, and an ounce of wine and water for dinner. I done that my whole life, even though I sold wine and had hundreds of litres. Nobody stopped me drinking, just it was not for me. Only honey I won’t cut out. That keeps me going,” Vrcić told daily 24sata who has good genetics from his mother’s side also to thank for staying fit and healthy.

“I lived good and I was always in a good mood. I worked the hardest jobs in the field with a shovel. It is most important thing was to always work because without work you can not live. It was not like today. Those who had barley bread, they were the wealthy ones,” said Paško, who has two sons aged 83 and 78, two daughters aged 81 and 61, 9 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren.

Photos of Paško’s 102nd birthday party here.

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