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One of Croatia’s Oldest Celebrates Her 106th Birthday

Marija Topolnjak turns 106 (photo credit: emedjimurje)

One of the oldest living people in Croatia celebrated her 106th birthday.

Marija Topolnjak, from Dunjkovec near Nedelišće in Međimurje County in the north of Croatia, has celebrated her 106th yesterday.

The head of Nedelišće Council, as well as officials from Međimurje County and a journalist from emedjimurje joined the family in congratulation Marija on her achievement.

Marija congratulated on her milestone by city officials

The sprightly centurion, who has seen her country change six times, had some short words of wisdom for her guests on her big day.

“Love each other, stick together and you will be able to get through all problems easy”, Marija said, adding that her secret was simple – love, respect, family and a healthy diet.

Marija says that she would still love to go and work on the land but her legs won’t let her.

Marija Topolnjak was born on 15 January 1911 in Dunjkovec, and was one of five children. She married in 1930 to Antun Topolnjak and the couple had 3 daughters and 2 sons, with the youngest, Ivan, 66 today.

Marija has been a widow for 49 years now. She is most proud today of her 16 grandchildren, 19 great-grandchildren and 2 great-great-grandchildren.

(photo credits: emedjimurje)

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