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One Man’s Junk Is Another Man’s Treasure

The waste management industry in the EU is now reportedly worth a massive 145 billion euros, employing around 2 million people. In Croatia however the industry barely exists as 80% of waste ends up as ordinary rubbish, reports magazine Banka.

According to data from the European Commission, in 2011 every citizen of the EU produced on average 502 kilograms of waste, which is 200 kilograms more than the average Croat. The difference however is huge when it comes to making money out of waste. In the EU 38% of waster ends up at the rubbish tips, 22% is burnt, 25% recycled, and 15% used as compost. The recycling industry generating 145 billion euros as a result. In Croatia around 80% of waste just ends up as rubbish, meaning Croatia’s is missing out on what is now a billion dollar industry.

Sweden, Germany, Belgium and Holland not only make an industry out of its own waste, they also export rubbish. Sweden were the number one exporters of burnt rubbish, exporting 850,000 tons in 2012.

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