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Old School Route 66 Diner Experience In The Heart Of Zagreb

America was built on them, and now locals and visitors to the Croatian capital Zagreb can enjoy first hand the old school classic American Route 66 Diner experience. Rocket Burger Cafe, located on Zagreb’s famous Tkalciceva street, opened its doors recently and is quickly starting to forge a reputation as having the best hamburgers in town – and it’s not hard to see why.

Rocket Burger Cafe is the venture of passionate Canadian foodies Barclay and Briana Morgan. The couple, who moved from Vancouver to Croatia where Briana has family, have a simply philosophy – To create a place where expats and locals can hang out and enjoy real fresh handmade ‘old school traditional American diner’ style burgers. The affable couple make it clear that this is no fast food joint.
Unlike fast food outlets, all Rocket Burger Cafe’s beef is ground on site using only prime cuts and not trims, meaning customers are served with the freshest and tastiest 100% beef patties, and it’s not the only thing freshly made on site. Barclay and Briana make all the sauces used for their burgers (BBQ, ketchup, mayonnaise), the hamburger buns, using only fresh milk and butter, and they even make their own pickles. Add to that the fact that they also serve the award-winning Eliscaffe coffee, Bavaria beer on tap, chicken wings and use only the freshest salads, it is easy to see why word is quickly spreading about the place.
Barclay, who spent a number of years learning the butcher trade in Canada, says that a lot of work went into renovating the space to give it the authentic feel. Original American diner stools have been restored and imported, and benches specially made to give it its old school American diner look.
Rocket Burger Cafe, which is open from 9am-11pm weekdays and 9am-1am on weekends, will be one of the few places in town serving cooked breakfasts with their Rise and Shine menu of bacon, eggs, hotcakes and coffee. Barclay and Briana plan to expand the menu in the future, but until then when you drop on in, you would have to be mad not to try their real bacon cheeseburger.

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