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Old Letters From Croatian Migrants Living Abroad Analysed

Scientists from the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies in Croatia have collected, read and classified hundreds of letters sent back to Croatia by Croatian immigrants abroad over a number of decades.

Croatian immigrants for over 80-years have diligently sent in letters to the addresses of immigrant organisations, and magazines in Croatia that dealt with the fate of those who left the country.

A lot of the letters that were written more than 80-years ago, and the ones that followed in the years later, carried a similar theme of nostalgia for the homeland, and many carried the message “Don’t forget the immigrants.” A lot of political migrants from Croatia were concerned about their status and conveyed this message in many of their letters back home.

There were also those letters looking for vital information, such as “where in the diaspora can one buy the best tamburica,” and also those looking for love.

“I would like a girl from Dalmatia, blonde if possible, who has not been out of home for more than a year, that does not work as a clerk as they are self-conscious…if possible a hairdresser or cook who has a desire to have some kids,” wrote a Dalmatian from Australia.

“Finding the letters that were over 80-years old and reading and analysing them was very emotional. I had the opportunity to read about the fates, desires and life problems that many Croatian immigrant families had, you can not be emotionless,” said Dr.Rebeka Mesaric-Zabcic from the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies, adding that she concluded from reading the letters that Croatian immigrants abroad were trying to warn about the problems of Croatian migration and the negative effect it will have on Croatia, reported Croatian daily newspaper Slobodna Dalmacija.

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