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Oil & Gas Licensing Rounds And Pipeline Projects In The Balkans

The 2nd Annual Balkans Oil & Gas Summit will take place this year in Athens, Greece from 24 – 25 September. The summit will cover the entire region with exclusive discussions among the key players of each country, with case studies demonstrating real examples of success stories in Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Albania and Greece.

At the end of May, leaders from Albania, Boznia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia signed an agreement about the construction of two new pipelines, the Trans-Adriatic (TAP) and the Ionian-Adriatic (IAP). Being a point of discussion for many years, the two pipeline projects will carry natural gas from the Caspian basin, starting from Greece via Albania and the Adriatic Sea to Italy and Western Europe. The significance of the two projects is high as the TAP pipeline alone is anticipated to offer capacity for gas export volumes from Azerbaijan to Europe for a period of 25 years.

Balkans is one of the most upcoming and promising regions that holds major proven reserves but remains underexplored. The region’s economy is now booming with new opportunities in infrastructure, transportation and of course, energy projects.
The oil and gas sector is the most promising industry in this prosperous business environment within Europe, and with Romania leading the oil and gas sector in the Black Sea.

The summit will also provide an opportunity to network with the oil and gas companies that operate in the region, and get to have one-to-one meetings with the regional Ministries that will be attending speaking and are supporting the Summit for the second consecutive year. More information about the summit can be found here.

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