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Official Croatian TOP 10 Singles Chart



Every Friday Croatia Week will count down the official Croatian Top 10 singles of the week, according to the Croatian Discography Association’s Top40 list. Here is this week’s Top 10:

10. Songkillers feat Nikola Marjanović – Svijet za sebe

9. Teška industrija – Sjenka

8. Pravila Igre – Kamen na duši

7. Petar Grašo – Moje zlato

6. Ante Cash & Saša Antić – Vakula

5. Neno Belan & Maja Posavec – Tvoj glas

4. Baruni – Za tebe sam ljubav čuvao

3. Vatra – Jantar

2. Silente – Neobranjivo

1. Elemental – Sve je moje tuđe

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