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Number of Marriages Hit 40-Year Low

weddings_croatia1The number of people who got married last year in Croatia was the lowest it has been in the last four decades…

Last year 19,169 couples said ‘I do’, 5.7% fewer than in 2012, whilst the number of divorces in Croatia last year, 5,992, broke a record which has stood since 1986, according to statistics from the Central Bureau. The rate of marriages per 1,000 head of population was 4.5, similar to what is was during the war year of 1991, when the number of marriages dropped 25% in just one year.

Not only are fewer people tying the knot, they are also waiting longer to do it. In 1989 in Croatia the average age that a male was jumping into marriage for the first time was 23.1, whilst for women it was 26.7 years of age. Today that has jumped to 30.7 years of age for men and 27.9 years of age for women.

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