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Number of Croatian Multimillionaires Doubles in Last Decade

eurosCroatia has 221 multimillionaires, 1 more than in 2013, according to an annual report from international agency Knight Frank…

Whilst the number of multimillionaires has only slightly risen since 2013, the number has nearly doubled since a decade ago. In 2004 there were 130 multimillionaires in the country (worth more than 30 million USD).

Among the 221 richest families in Croatia, one in ten (22 of them) has assets in excess of 100 million USD. According to Forbes magazine’s 2014 Rich List, the wealthiest Croat is retail tycoon Ivica Todorić (worth 850 million euros), followed by the Lukšić family, who made their money in the mining, brewing, banking and tourism business (200 million euros), and owner of food and nutrition company Atlantic grupa Emil Tedeschi (160 million euros).

The number of multimillionaires in the world rose in 2014 by 3%, with their combined personal wealth estimated at over 20,800 billion USD. The most number of multimillionaires live in the United States and Western Europe.

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