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Nobel Prize winners coming to Split for one of the world’s most important scientific events

Croatian students invited to take part in the conference (Photo: Tajana Pilko Koštan/Croatian Medical Chamber)

Zagreb, 4 May, 2019 – More than 20 of the best medical students from Croatian universities have been selected to take part in the “11th ISABS Conference on Forensic and Anthropologic Genetics and Mayo Clinic Lectures in Individualized Medicine” which will take place in Split, Croatia from 17-22 June 2019.

The ISABS conference, which is one of the world’s most important scientific events in the field of personalised medicine and anthropological and forensic genetics, will gather around 600 of the world’s leading scientists and clinicians, including four Nobel Prize winners (Ada Yonath, Avram Hershko, Robert Huber, Paul Modrich) and a number of Nobel Prize candidates. 

The conference will also be attended by scientists and doctors from leading world institutions including Harvard School of Medicine, Princeton University, Duke University, University of Stanford, Max-Planck Institute, Case Western Reserve University, MIT, Penn State University, University of New Haven, Columbia University, Mayo Clinic, UPenn, George Washington University, King’s College, UC Davis and University of California-Berkley.

Professor Dr. Dragan Primorac (Photo: Tajana Pilko Koštan/Croatian Medical Chamber)

The main topics of the 11th ISABS conference are personalised and regenerative medicine, pharmacogenomics, molecular diagnostics, stem cell therapy, epigenetics, microbiology, cancer genetics, forensic and anthropological genetic immunotherapy, and DNA analysis. 

The ISABS conference is held every second year, and with the International Society of Applied Biological Sciences (ISABS), is organised by the Mayo Clinic and the Special Hospital of Sv. Catherine, the European Centre of Excellence. The Mayo Clinic is the leading US healthcare provider with annual revenues of $11 billion and 63,000 employees. 

Dr. Krešimir Luetić, First Vice President of the Croatian Medical Chamber: “The Croatian Medical Chamber is proud to be a partner of ISABS and thank ProfessorDr. Dragan Primorac, who organised this year’s conference which is one of the most significant events in the world. We want to allow our students of medicine to start with scientific education before the end of their studies, but also to send them a message that their future, both scientific and professional, can and should be developed in Croatia.”

Dr. Krešimir Luetić (Photo: Tajana Pilko Koštan/Croatian Medical Chamber)

Professor Dr. Dragan Primorac, President and Founder of the International Society of Applied Biological Sciences (ISABS): “The future of Croatia must be based on the investment in the most excellent. The highways and newly built bridges are in vain if Croatia does not invest in the most profitable and if the young seek their future outside of Croatia. With this event, Croatia is strongly positioned in world science and medicine, and here I particularly want to thank colleagues from the leading US health care institution, Mayo Clinic, with whom we have been working with for more than 15 years and the US Academy of Forensic Science for great support. Thanks to the Croatian Medical Chamber and the Croatian Tourist Board for the partnership in organising this event as well as the City of Split, the Split-Dalmatia County, the University of Split, the City of Solin, the Municipality of Podstrana and all those who provided enormous logistic support to make this event present our Homeland in the best light.”

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