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“Nicest Skateboard Park In Europe” To Be Built In Zagreb

In 12 months time Zagreb will be home to the ‘nicest skate park in Europe’, that is what Mayor Milan Bandic has promised after meeting with officials from the Shpaolin skateboard club on Tuesday.

By the middle of 2014 Bandic says that the city will build a skateboard park at Lake Bundek, south-east of downtown Zagreb. Although he would not comment on an exact figure, Bandic says the a budget rebalance will mean finances will be secure for the skateboard park. Another meeting will take place in the next 30 days, where logistics and exact location for the park will be revealed.

“If I was smart then it (skateboard park) would be been done a long time ago,” said Bandic, adding that from yesterday he became a ‘skateboard fan’.

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