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New York Times: Croatia open for US nationals

Dubrovnik (Photo: Andrew Buchanan)

ZAGREB, July 8 (Hina) – The New York Times has put Croatia on a list of countries open for US nationals, as one of the few such destinations in the Mediterranean, the Croatian Tourism Board (HTZ) said on Wednesday.

Quoting the head of the HTZ office in New York, Ina Rodin, as confirming this information, the HTZ says that more than 400 million readers visit The New York Times website monthly.

US nationals may enter Croatia if they present proof that they have booked accommodation.

The US news portal The Daily Beast, which has more than 35 million views a month, too, has published an article describing Croatia as a breathtaking Mediterranean hotspot open to US nationals.

Even though demand on the US market for Croatia as well as other Mediterranean and other destinations is low, because the USA, too, is fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic and is only now starting to lift the lockdown, HTZ officials consider the news as extremely important because it shows that the US market recognises Croatia as a potential destination in the new situation.

This, they say, gives them hope that US tourists will again start arriving in Croatia once flights to Europe are reintroduced as currently, they are sporadic and difficult to take.

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