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New Visual Identity for Successful Croatian Illustrator Mateja Kovač


Successful Croatian illustrator Mateja Kovač presents a new visual identity and merchandise of her brand in the same name.

Noted Croatian illustrator and academic painter Mateja Kovač presents her new visual identity, whose design Imelda Ramović / Mireldy Design Studio is responsible for, as well as a limited edition collection of stylish t-shirts which women will surely enjoy complementing their winter wardrobes with.

Mateja began illustrating a few years ago, at the time when illustration started gaining great popularity and appliance in various different domains of the market, thus quickly experiencing success on the domestic and international scene.

Thanks to her love for design characterized by European spirit and feminine style inspired by Paris retro chic, she has been building her career on projects mostly related to fashion.

Although she plans on continuing her collaborations with clients all over the world, this year she decided to more intensely devote her time to self-initiated author projects which would, more recognizably, reveal her personal perspectives and creative reflections.

Her refined and atmospheric style that mingles with abstraction, which can be found in her most recent collection of illustrations made for one of Zagreb’s most popular pastry-shops, Amélie, suggested a new shift in the work of this young author.

“A need for change came up as a result of continuous specialization and work on understanding my personal fascinations which have shaped me as an artist throughout the years”, Mateja explains.

The task of her rebranding was entrusted to Imelda Ramović, the art director of Mireldy Design Studio, who successfully managed to come up wit a graphic solution that would combine the talents that lay behind the name of this versatile artist.

The entire visual identity is dominated by charming, gestural strokes in an unexpected game, which Imelda used as a starting point in her design. She emphasized lightness and spontaneity, as well as a refined taste in colors and shapes, through which Mateja attracts us into her intimate world influenced by simple, day-to-day moments. Have a look at the whole campaign here.

As part of the launch of her new look, she has presented a new collection of art graphics and trendy designer t-shirts, produced in the studio of the Croatian fashion brand ROBA&ROBA.

Follow Mateja’s work over at Facebook and Instagram.

Photo credits: Domagoj Kunić

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