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New version of Croatian language learning tool CROCARDS coming out 


A new version of the popular Croatian language learning tool CROCARDS is coming. 

Back in 2017, Krečionica launched CROCARDS, which are a series of 100 illustrated cards divided into 9 topics – places, occupations, fruit, vegetables, weather, numbers, colours, clothes and transport – and designed to provide a fun way of learning and teaching the Croatian language. 

Designed for beginners as well as teachers, the purpose of the cards is to help increase basic vocabulary as well as sentence structure. Each word on the card is put in a sentence or as a question in an example.


“They were launched back in October 2017 and I was really struck by the demand. It was the first product of that kind on the market. Our number one buyers are from USA. Very close to them come our dear Australians. CROCARDS flew to every continent including Africa, UAE, South America, Asia. It was a true delight to send every package. Knowing that someone in South Africa is waiting for 100 Croatian words to learn gave us even more motivation to keep creating,” Kristina Pavlić from Krečionica said, adding that they had received lots of positive feedback.

“We loved receiving feedback! Especially when it was done by someone’s grandmother who bought them as a present to her grandchild, or just by someone with Croatian roots keen to get to know a bit of the language.”


This has lead the team to create CROCARDS2, which will offer new features such as audio material, and, after requests from customers, a separate booklet with all the words and sentences translated. 

“It is already a done project and we are just waiting for the finances. The first project was fully financed with the school’s money (Krečionica-The Creative Classroom). After releasing CROCARDS2, hopefully in the near future, we have one more in our drawer to be offered for more easy and fun learning Croatian language. Throughout this creative process we are led by the thought of learning that is interactive, creative and fun,” Kristina says. 


CROACARDS are still available and can be bought through the web site http://www.krecionica.org/crocards-1 or in the center of Zagreb in Radićeva street at Galerie Ane

“Our goal is to sell CROCARDS along the Croatian coast so every tourist can take back a piece of Croatia with him.”

Does the team at Krečionica have any advice for people looking to start learning Croatian?

“Of course! Don’t be intimidated with sentences that Croatian is hard to learn. Immerse yourself in the environment by listening, reading everything that comes along in the street, shop, bank. Then it will start being fun and then you will be ready to do some more serious learning. There is a great number of competent, talented, creative, hard working professors of Croatian language who will make this journey interesting and worth taking. If you want to learn with CROCARDS, feel free to join our spring course starting on 18th of March. For more info contact us on [email protected].”


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