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New Electronic Personal ID Cards Now Available

Photo: MUP

Photo: MUP

Croatian citizens, living in Croatia and abroad, are now able from today to apply for the new electronic personal identification card…

The new electronic personal identification cards have a small computer chip on the left side of the card which contains all relevant information, including identity, sex, date of birth, and address. The chips will also be able to contain identification and signed certificates. New e-card holders will be able to immediately enter the e-citizen system, which enables faster, easier and cheaper access to a range of administrative services.

All Croatian citizens are able to apply for the new cards, including those that reside abroad. Those residing abroad can apply for the new cards at any police station in Croatia, whilst those residing in Croatia must apply at a police station in the area where their address is registered.

The new e-id cards, which are not mandatory whilst existing cards are still valid, cost 10 euros and are valid for 5 years.

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