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New CROkini swimsuits a big hit around the world 

CROkini (Photo: Knölldoll)

ZAGREB, 19 June 2019 – The new Croatian-style ‘CROkini’ swimsuits, which were launched earlier this month, are proving to be a big hit already all over the world. 

Passionate Croatian football fan Ivana Knöll says messages from all over the globe have not stopped since she launched her range of Croatian-inspired swimsuits. 

“I have had orders from Canada, USA, Australia, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Bosnia and Herzegovina and even Indonesia. And of course Croatia,” Ivana says.  

CROkini (Photo: Knölldoll)

The CROkini is currently available in three models – two swimsuit and one two-piece. 

“Sales are much better that I was expecting, I am already waiting for a new batch of swimsuits. People are excited about CROkinis, I got hundreds of messages that they are in love with my idea and that I helped them to find a perfect, unique swimsuit for this summer. All the feedback has been positive. Customers have praised the quality and fit, which is the most important for me,” Ivana says. 

CROkini (Photo: Knölldoll)

All of the swimsuits are made exclusively from Italian lycra, but the rest of the process, from production to packaging is all done in Croatia. 

“I wanted all the rest of the process to be done in Croatia, so I found companies for sewing, printing, packaging and everything else necessary for the product to be ready for sale. I believe that we must support each other, it is the only way for Croatia to be small, but a successful country. And we already showed it is possible when our amazing players are winning and even losing,” she said.

CROkini (Photo: Knölldoll)

Ivana, who is based in Zagreb, says she did not expect CROkinis to be this popular so far away from Croatia. 

“Almost every brand wants to expand beyond Croatian borders, and I am happy I succeeded in such a short period of time. When I launched my bikinis I knew that they will be sold worldwide. I was expecting that Croatians who live outside Croatia will be part of my audience, but what I didn’t expect is that buyers will be all the way from North America, Asia and Australia. I am so happy about it.” 

Ivana says that the CROkini two-piece is very popular and is selling fast, but there are a lot of inquiries also for the other two models.

CROkini two-piece (Photo: Knölldoll)

The CROkinis are available on the knolldoll webshop – www.knolldoll.com – which was launched on Friday. 

“Payment can be made through PayPal (also without PayPal account) or directly to the bank account. For any questions, contact us on email: [email protected], or message us on Instagram @wearknolldoll we are always available.”

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