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New Croatian Ambassador to Australia: ‘Double taxation agreement my main priority’

Croatian Ambassador to Australia Betty Pavelich Sirois (Photo: Croatian Consulate General Melbourne)

13 DECEMBER 2018 – The newly appointed Croatian Ambassador to Australia, Betty Pavelich Sirois, says reaching a tax treaty between the two countries is one of her main priorities. 

Ambassador Pavelich Sirois presented her credentials at the end of September to Australia’s Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove and has spent the first couple of months in her new role meeting with Croatian communities around the country. 

“I feel like I am home among my people. I grew up in Canada and to be part of a Croatian community abroad is part of me. Sitting in my office in Canberra I feel proud to sit in a building built by our people”, Pavelich Sirois told Marijana Buljan from SBS Radio. 

Ambassador Pavelich Sirois says one agreement which is very important for Croatia, investors and returnees from Australia, is establishing a tax treaty between Australia and Croatia.

“It is one of my priorities and I will mention in all my talks with Australian politicians and government officials. Croatia is not the only country waiting for this agreement with Australia, there are 9 members of the European Union which do not have a tax treaty yet with Australia. 

The Ambassador believes that without the treaty Croatia is not on a level playing field with other nations in the EU when it comes to attracting Australian investors. 

“They can invest in other nations in the EU where there is no double taxation. Why would they invest in Croatia when they know they have to pay tax twice. It is a fairness issue. It is our aim to create this level playing field for Croatia and potential investors in Croatia”, Pavelich Sirois said, adding that the Croatian community in Australia voicing their opinion to officials would also help the cause. 

Ambassador Betty Pavelich Sirois presenting her credentials (Photo: Croatian Consulate General Melbourne)

Pavelich Sirois arrived in Canada with her parents in 1972 from Croatia as a 5-year-old and obtained her education there, studying political science at the University of Ottawa. 

After more than a decade working in the Canadian parliament, Pavelich Sirois returned to live in Croatia at the end of 2005. Before her posting to Australia, Pavelich Sirois worked in the Croatian parliament and the Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. 

You can listen to the full radio interview (in Croatian) on the link here

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