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New Bulk Waste Laws May See Roma Slowly Leave Croatia

The president of Zagreb’s Roma Association Alija Mesic has said that if they do not win a battle with Brussels about new bulk waste laws then his community will slowly leave Croatia, reports daily Jutarnji list.

Whilst most citizens in the capital are sleeping on bulk waste collection days, a large number of the Roma community will be out with their trucks and vans scouring around neighbourhoods to see what they can find to resell and make a living, however that is all about to change when new laws apply to Croatia upon joining the European Union.

No longer will Croats be able to leave bulk waste such as old furniture and whiteware, metal goods, batteries, glass items ect for collection in a public place. All bulk waste will have to be deposited in recycling yards. Croatia is set to increase the number of recycling yards it has with the introduction of the new law, and every suburb or small town will have their own yard.

The new law has upset the Roma community as around 20% have made a living from bulk waste for centuries in Croatia.

“A lot of Roma will be left without an income. Of course the state is to blame. They always take from those who have the least. These are families who have 10 members who need to be fed,” said Mesic, who says they will be taking the issue up with the European Human Rights Court in Strasbourg.

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