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NBA Star Stephen Curry Sends His Finals Jersey to Dražen Petrović’s Mum

A 4-year old Curry with Petrović far right

A 4-year old Curry with Petrović far right

A nice gesture from recent NBA winner Stephen Curry…

Curry, who has just guided the Golden State Warriors to the NBA title, has sent one of his NBA Finals jerseys to Croatia – to the mother of legendary Croatian basketballer Dražen Petrović. Why? You need to wind the clock back 23 years to find out.

Dražen’s mother, Biserka Petrović, looked after Curry on her lap during the 1992 NBA 3-point competition when he was just a 4-year-old. Stephen’s father Dell Curry was in the event with Petrović.

23-years later Curry, who was a huge Petrović fan, did not forget and sent one of his jerseys as gesture of his thanks.

The jersey will take its place in the Dražen Petrović museum in Zagreb.

“It will be an honour to see my jersey in Dražen’s museum,” said Curry.

A nice gesture from the NBA star (wikimedia)

A nice gesture from the NBA star (wikimedia)

Petrović, considered one of the greatest basketball players of his generation, was tragically killed in a car accident on 7 June 1993.

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