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Musicians Against Adriatic Oil Drilling

IFEEL-Adriatic-oil-drillingBy Clean Adriatic Sea Alliance

The Croatian Government continues to ignore the valid environmental and legal challenges by respected scientists, foreign governments, economists, legal experts and residents against Adriatic oil drilling. Opposition groups are dismissed as a ‘bunch of NGOs’ working with the import lobby. However, every day new voices and media are added to the growing list of people who demand that oil drilling in the Adriatic sea be stopped.

This week, we were contacted by IFEEL, a Croatian-American animal rights advocate and eco-conscious rapper who lives in Zagreb. IFEEL joins the stand against oil drilling in Croatia saying:

No one has the right to endanger nature and animals living in it for quick profit. Adriatic sea must remain untouched. Join me in sending a clear message to Croatian government that we do not want oil drilling in the Adriatic – IFEEL.

IFEEL’s statement joins the voices of other Croatian international stars. Meri Cetinić has spoken against the chemicals released by waste muds which pollute the sea and endanger marine life.

Oil platforms produce and release waste – waste mud and metal filings, including toxins such as lead, mercury, chromium and benzene – directly into the sea. Only one drilling platform can release 90,000 tons of mud and metal shavings into the sea, polluting it and endangering marine life and water qualityMeri Cetinić.

She continues to be active and was a member of a panel against drilling held in Split last week. Now Meri’s voice has some backup from Oliver Dragojević. While typically avoiding political involvement, Oliver has vowed to “do anything to stop it”.

I think it’s high time to get involved in politics. If you are certain that they are digging oil wells in the Adriatic Sea, I will begin to actively engage in politics and I’ll do anything to stop it. The Adriatic Sea is closed, almost like a lake and if anything had happened, it’s a disaster, we’re done, forever. I’m a big fan of the sea and it hit me hard. Without the sea I do not exist. I will fight against it…Oliver Dragojević.



This increased engagement by major Croatian stars demonstrates how passionate we all are about preserving the Adriatic sea. It crosses international, social, economic and political boundaries. It is the sea that gives us our life, and it is our duty to protect it.

Stay tuned: a concert is being planned for Split this spring!

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