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Mushroom Museum in Zagreb

Photo by Juraj Vuglač (Muzej gljiva – Museum of Mushroom)

If museums are your thing then there are plenty to keep you occupied in the Croatian capital Zagreb.

There are a number of ‘interesting’ museums in the capital, such as the museum of broken relationships, the museum of Illusions and the technical museum. Zagreb is also home to the first museum of lyophilized mushrooms in Croatia.

(photo by Juraj Vuglač (Muzej gljiva – Museum of Mushroom)

(photo by Juraj Vuglač (Muzej gljiva – Museum of Mushroom)

(photo by Tarik El Kawam (Muzej gljiva – Museum of Mushroom)

There are over 1,500 different types of mushrooms at the museum, including dozens of newly discovered species. Each exhibit is labeled with a note if they are ‘poisonous’, ‘deadly poisonous’, ‘edible’ and even ‘very tasty’.

(photo Muzej gljiva – Museum of Mushroom)

The mushrooms on display are real and have undergone the freeze-drying process to achieve their display state.

Founded by the City of Zagreb, the Zagreb Tourist Board and the Kamila Blagaić Mushroom Society, the museum, which opened in 2013 wth just 34 different types of mushrooms, is situated at Trg ban Josip Jelačić 3 on the third floor.

More info about the museum on their Facebook page here.

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