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Museum of Wooden Shipbuilding Opening in Betina

11080969_1422714868023632_5837944319537477265_nSome fantastic new museums have been opening recently in Croatia, the latest to join the club with be the Betina Museum of Wooden Shipbuilding…

The museum, located in Betina on the island of Murter, will open to the public on 14 August and visitors will have a chance to learn about the interesting history of wooden shipbuilding in Betina, as well seeing the impressive ships up close and in 3D form.

Together with the island of Korčula, Betina is the most famous and oldest centre for wooden ship builders and is one of the last havens of wooden shipbuilding in Europe. The founder of wooden shipbuilding is Paško Filipi who moved from Korčula to Betina in the first half of the 18th century. Probably Betina’s most famous shipbuilding product is the gajeta of Betina from 1740. It is a solid farmer’s ship with Latin sails which the residents used to sail to distant estates in Kornati, Modrave, Prosika and Lake Vrana. In honor of this “sacred vessel” a race is held every year for body and soul, a competition in wooden ships.


A number of families in Betina have donated historical artifacts connected to wooden shipbuilding to the museum, which will also feature educational 3D games for children and adults.


Betina is situated on the northeast coast of Murter, around 35km west of Šibenik, and has just under 1,000 inhabitants.


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