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Most Popular Names of 2014

WikiFor the 14th year in a row the most popular boys name in Zagreb was Luka…

According to statistics held by Grad Zagreb, Luka has held the top spot since 2001. Last year 428 boys were given the name Luka, whilst in 2013 473 boys were named Luka. Behind Luka, and also a regular feature on the list over the last decade, were Marko, Ivan and Filip. Josip, Karlo, Petar and David were also near the top of the 2014 list. The name Antonio has slipped out of the top 10, whilst the name Leon now makes an appearance in the top 10 with Jakov.

When it came to girls names three have dominated in the last decade. Lucija was number one from 2001 to 2004, before being replaced by Lana until 2011. In the last two years Ana held the number one spot. Names which have constantly been at the top include Sara, Petra, Nika, Lara, Laura and Ema. The names Matea, Karla and Katarina have now slid out of the top 10.

As always some less conventional names popped up on the 2014 list, including Zinedin, Vaclav, Taib, Sidney, Kaan, Dakota, Jeyla and Rihanna.

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