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Most Popular Baby Names for 2013

baby-2Parents these days are becoming a lot more creative when giving names to their new-born babies. With names such as Apple, North, Fifi, Trixi and Maddox being dished out by celebrities, Nova TV have gone to investigate the most popular baby names in Croatia…

Short, two-three lettered names are still popular, with names such as Lu, Pia, Ana and Mia popular with girls, and even Val and Lurd starting to make appearances for boys. With Croatia being a rather traditional nation, the old names have not lost their appeal, with Vito, Filip, Jakov, Petar, Luka, and Ante still favoured baby names for boys, while Katja, Lucija, Karla are currently still common amongst new-born girls.

Popularity of names in Croatia also depends on the region of the country. In Split on the Dalmatian coast, the most common names last year for boys were Luka and Ivan, with Duje, Ivano, Roko and Toni also fairly popular. Petra, Mia and Marta were the most common girls names in Split.

In Rijeka, David was the most popular name, followed by Luka, Filip and Niko, with Mia the most popular girls name. In Osijek, Petra was the most popular girls name, with Luka and Ivan the most common for boys. Luka, Ivan and Marko were the most popular in the capital Zagreb, with Ana, Marija and Sara the most frequent name given to new-born girls.

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