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More than 40,000 Winemakers Now in Croatia


Croatia has over 40,000 winemakers, according to the latest survey conducted by the Croatian Bureau of Statistics…

The survey revealed that there were 41,188 winemakers and that vineyards covered 20,885 hectares of land in Croatia in 2015. The bulk of the land, 18,620 hectares, were covered by high-quality wine grape varieties that are awarded with protected designations of origin (PDO), protected geographical indications (PGI).

Riesling or Grasevina (white wine grape variety) was cultivated on 4,589.9 hectares (24.7%), Plavac Mali, the primary red wine grape grown along Croatia’s Dalmatian coast, was cultivated on 1,697.3 hectares and Malvazija Istarska on 1,683.9 hectares.


Under EU rules, every member state that has more than 500 hectares of vineyards, where production is primarily intended for the market, is required to conduct a survey on the structure of its vineyards every five years.

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