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More Locals Holidaying in Croatia

CroatiaThe first six months have been relatively successful in terms of tourism for Croatia, with 6.6% more tourist arrivals compared with the same period last year. Not only are there more foreign tourists visiting, but there has been an increase also in the number of local tourists from Croatia, curbing a declining trend…

After a number of years which saw fewer local Croats visiting tourist destinations in Croatia, the latest statistics from the Croatian Tourist Board shows that the tables have been turned. In the first six months of 2014 there were 587,000 arrivals by local tourists recorded, up 3% from last year. Overnight stays, a key measure in the industry, by local tourists was also up 8% from last year. The number of foreign arrivals so far in 2014 was up 7.3% to 3.4 million.

June has seen the biggest growth, up 9% from 2013, whilst overnight stays had jumped 11% from June 2013. There were 33.5% more Germans this June, than in June last year, 28% more Austrians, 16% more Poles, 8.6% more Hungarians, 5% more French and 0.4% more Italians.

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