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Mobile Roaming Charges to be Banned from 2017


Big phone bills for holiday makers returning from Croatia to their home countries in the EU will now be a thing of the past…

On Tuesday the EU parliament gave the green light to ban roaming charges as of 15 June 2017. Mobile phone users will be charged exactly the same rate as they would be charged in their home country whilst using their phones in any other EU country.

The ban will mean mobile companies can no longer charge added costs for calls, text and data which they do now when their customers are abroad.

On 30 April 2016 a cap on charges will come into play until the full ban takes effect in June 2017. The EU Commission said that the interim cap would make roaming within the EU 75% cheaper.

There has been some opposition to the negotiations, which have been ongoing for a number of years. Some believe that the mobile companies will increase prices to make up for the loss of roaming revenue, effecting non-travellers in the process.

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