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Mobile Ap To Warn Where Controllers Are

Hopping on a central city tram in the Croatian capital Zagreb and taking a ride to your destination without purchasing a ticket is common occurence. Now Zagreb locals will have some assistance in not getting caught by the many controllers who parade around trams looking to catch ticket-less passengers out.

A group of Zagreb locals have started up a Facebook group which warns its fellow citizens on which tram lines controllers are working. The page Uhvati ZET-ovca (Catch The Zagreb Electric Tram Workers) lets people know where the controllers are.

The group plan to develop a smart phone application that will advise users in real-time what trams to avoid if they plan to take a trip without purchasing a ticket.

“It is not our job to apply repression, but to help citizens realise that they need to change their habits and that services need to be paid for,” said ZET spokesmen Tomislav Juric.

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