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Mlinar launch new Mađarica2Go 

Mađarica is one of the most popular cakes in Croatian households (Photo: Fini Recepti)

11 May 2019 – Popular bakery chain Mlinar has launched a new product – one of Croatia’s most popular sweet treats to go.  

Mađarica (pronounced Ma-jar-ri-sa), is a popular layered chocolate slice and this week Mlinar released the Mađarica2Go. 

Mađarica2Go is packed with 9 slices of the cake and is perfect for any moment, regardless if you are on the road, at home, work or at university. Your favourite chocolate,” Mlinar said.

(Photo: Mlinar/Facebook)

Mađarica2Go costs 11 kn for one pack of 9 slices. You can find them at Mlinar stores or order them on their online webstore shop.mlinar.hr

There are over 230 Mlinar bakeries in Croatia and around the world. Mlinar rapidly expanded franchises internationally over the last two years, with bakeries opening in Switzerland, Australia, Germany, Finland, Slovenia, Dubai, Ireland, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

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