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Missing Sweets from the Adriatic? No Problem – Candy Adriatico Will Give You Your Fix

candyadriaticoMissing your favourite chocolates and candies from Croatia, Slovenia or Italy? No need to fear, Candy Adriatico is here…

Candy Adriatico is a monthly subscription box filled with high quality candies and cookies hand-picked from Croatia, Slovenia and Italy, countries that share the Adriatic Sea.

It is as simple as subscribing to one of Candy Adriatico’s 1, 3 or 9 month plans to get your box of favourites delivered right to your door wherever you are around the world. There are a number of different options available – such as selecting a candy mix from all three countries, or just selecting a box of Croatian, Slovenian or Italian treats.

“In each Candy Adriatico box you will find a full variety of original and sample-sized candies, bars, cookies, chocolates, gums and more … total weight up to 500g direct from Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. Each box is different, so you’ll discover new surprises and delights each month. In each box you will be also surprised with an original postcard with one of the cities of the Adriatico group,” said Candy Adriatico, before adding.

“We provide 1 month, 3 month and 9 month subscription plans. The difference between them is how much you can save. With the 9 month subscription you’ll get a gift envelope for free as well. International shipping is free and the boxers are sent out every second Monday of the month.”

You can also try out Candy Adriatico by ordering a SAMPLE BOX today for only €14.50.

So if your hanging out for Animal Kingdom chocolate, Cedevita candies or Tortica orginal, then subscribe today to get your box of goodies or order your SAMPLE BOX here.

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